Detroit Lions vs Jacksonville Jaguars live | 2022 NFL WEEK 13 GameDayLive!! night football (2023)

Detroit Lions vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Live | 2022 NFL WEEK 13 GameDayLive!! night football
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Yes, Kamara is expected to return to New Orleans, but Dallas is also expected to bring Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb back into the lineup. This one's tough to beat, especially with wild card Taysom Hill as quarterback for the Saints, but it should be a lot of fun. Consider having your cash ready for Sunday.

Davenport: Nova Orleans
Gagnon: Nova Orleans
Kenyon: Nova Orleans
O'Donnell: Dallas
Rogers: Dallas
Sobleski: Dallas
Result prediction: Cowboys 26, Saints 21

New York Giants (4-7) no Miami Dolphins (5-7)
Linha DraftKings: Miami -4,5

How many points is New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones worth? It really depends on the day with the inconsistent Jones, but our panel seemed even further away from the Giants ATS as oddsmakers just moved the lineup for Sunday's game with the Miami Dolphins from Miami -3 to Miami -4.5 on light have the news that Jones is unlikely to play in week 13.

"The dolphins are rolling now," Gagnon said. “I was with them when they had just three points before it turned out Jones was probably out and there's no way you can change your mind based on an extra 1.5 points. This shouldn't be viewed much differently than a grappling hook. Yes, we're no longer protected by a push against a field goal margin, but the Dolphins don't get enough respect.

“This Miami team is excited and well trained. They've scored 17 or fewer points in four straight wins and now have a Giants team that probably won't suffer a second straight loss, especially if they're without Jones. , Sterling Shepard (hip), Kadarius Toney (hip) and Kyle Rudolph (ankle)."

In the meantime, it's possible Miami wide receiver DeVante Parker (hamstring) could be back in the lineup.

Place the points.

Davenport: Miami
Gagnon: Miami
Kenyon: Miami
O'Donnell: Nova York
Rogers: Miami
Sobleski: Miami
Result prediction: Dolphins 27, Giants 16

Indianapolis Colts (6-6) keine Houston Texans (2-9)
Linha DraftKings: Indianapolis -8.5

Just two weeks ago, the Houston Texans beat AFC South leaders the Tennessee Titans away. If they can do that, they can certainly have the second-placed Indianapolis Colts at home. However, you can't really blame people for avoiding backing a Houston team that has already suffered six double-digit losses (including one against Indianapolis) with just 8.5 points in the back pocket.

Matching this, we have another split panel.

Kenyon on Houston: "The Texans don't win many games, but they proved incoherent after a three-game streak in which they beat the Titans away and had two one-point losses to the Dolphins and the New York Jets . The Colts may be neglecting the Texans somewhat, having come off a two-week stretch playing the Bills and Buccaneers. The Texans won't win this game, but it should mean another loss to Houston.

O'Donnell on Indy: "The Texans lost to the Jets last week...the Jets. And the Colts missed a great opportunity to defeat the defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers as they trailed 24-7 in the second half. Indianapolis should be a whirlwind dervish of rage as they fight for their lives the rest of the way every week in the playoffs.

But will it be?

Davenport: Indianapolis
Gagnon: Houston
Kenyon: Houston
O'Donnell: Indianapolis
Rogers: Indianapolis
Sobleski: Houston
Result Prediction: Colts 28, Texans 20

Minnesota Vikings (5-6) not Detroit Lions (0-10-1)
DraftKings-Lines: Minnesota -7

Not only will there be blockades this week, but another one is coming in a hard-to-read divisional matchup between the frustrated Minnesota Vikings and the cranky, rested Detroit Lions. The latter gets a complete touchdown at home despite having three extra days to prepare for a familiar, undermanned opponent.

Davenport on Detroit: "The confidence that any sane person should have in the winless Lions is about negative -- give me a break. But Detroit's last two losses have combined five points, and the Vikings have featured in both of the year's games decided by more points than that margin. When these teams met in Week 5, the Vikings picked up a two-point win and it was Minnesota. Get the lions and the points.

Rogers on Minnesota: “Without Dalvin Cook, there is no problem for the Vikings this week. Alexander Mattison will have a great day against the Lions defense. D'Andre Swift is likely to miss this one, and I'm not convinced Detroit can do much offense without him. Minnesota has had a lot of close games this year. Otherwise this lineup would be much, much larger.

It's possible for the Vikings to have an undisputed victory, and Swift's shoulder injury arguably deserves as much attention as Cook's, but it's also difficult to back Minnesota by a wide margin at this point.

Davenport: Detroit
Gagnon: Detroit
Kenyon: Minnesota
O'Donnell: Minnesota
Rogers: Minesota
Sobleski: Detroit
Result prediction: Vikings 27, Lions 20

Philadelphia Eagles (5-7) no New York Jets (3-8)
DraftKings-Line: Philadelphia -6.5

The Philadelphia Eagles suffered an upset at the hands of a New York team last week. This time around, a slim majority of our selectors feel they can bounce back in a critical away game with New York's other team, the Jets.

"That number is a bit scary," Gagnon admitted. “But I only care about standards. New York is a bad team who probably won't play well weeks after beating the Texans on Sunday, while the Eagles have shown themselves to be quite resilient this year and are putting in a tough performance against the Giants.

"The backdoor coverage is worth considering given how much you're betting on it, but I'll still beat Philly by less than a touchdown on the line in a crucial game."

The Jets have a league-worst 3-8 against the spread this season, and five of their eight losses have been by 15 points or more. Meanwhile, each of Philly's last three wins has yielded a double-digit margin. While our team is far from united here, the Eagles seem like the safest bet.

Davenport: Philadelphia
Gagnon: Philadelphia
Kenyon: Sohn Philadelphias
O'Donnell: Philadelphia
Rogers: NovaYork
Sobleski: New York
Result prediction: Eagles 27, Jets 17

Arizona Cardinals (9-2) x Chicago Bears (4-7)
Linha DraftKings: Arizona -7,5

The Arizona Cardinals are not only the league's best 9-2 this season, but have closed the gap in eight of their 11 games despite a string of recent injuries to key players. Following their bye, the bettors feel strong enough to establish them as favorites on the road against the struggling Chicago Bears on Sunday by more than a touchdown.

And most of our gang joins about three quarters of the public players on the maps.

"The Cardinals potentially have two distinct advantages when they face the Bears," Sobleski said. “Firstly, the Kliff Kingsbury team come out of their bye week with extra time to recover and prepare for this special competition. Second, quarterback Kyler Murray is hinting at the possibility of playing this weekend after missing the last three games with an ankle injury. "

It looks like Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins have good chances of a return after missing several games through injuries. So it's hard to support a Bears team lucky enough to beat the winless Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving. Still, consider buying back a half point to -7 if the value is there.

Davenport: Chicago
Gagnon: Chicago
Kenyon: Arizona
O’Donnell: Arizona
Rogers: Arizona
Sobleski: Arizona
Result prediction: Cardinals 27, Bears 17

Los Angeles Chargers (6-5) no Cincinnati Bengals (7-4)
Linha DraftKings: Cincinnati -3

It always works as an excuse when two teams of relatively similar caliber meet and the home team is favored by exactly one field goal. For that reason, it's fitting that we have another judges' draw Sunday in Ohio with the Cincinnati Bengals giving the Los Angeles Chargers a field goal.

O'Donnell on the Chargers: "That's pretty easy because I still don't trust the Bengals. Every time they've won back-to-back, they've lost the next game. AFC playoffs (division and wild card), so let's think of this as a playoff game, while the LA Ravens game wasn't great, I'm going to take the points here in a fight that should be pushed to the limit, and possibly beyond.

Kenyon on the Bengals: “The Chargers will travel across three time zones early Sunday to play the Bengals. Cincinnati is one game away from the AFC top seed and has lost three times this year by a field goal or fewer. This is one of the most underrated teams in the NFL, and they're up against a Chargers team that appears to be one of the most overrated teams in the NFL, having gone 2-4 and 15 points in their last six games lost to the Broncos. bengals

This line is a slightly lower risk bet as there is a higher probability of a push than any other line. Still, it looks like a litter.

Davenport: Cincinnati
Gagnon: Los Angeles
Kenyon: Cincinnati
O'Donnell: Los Angeles
Rogers: Cincinnati
Sobleski: Los Angeles
Result prediction: Bengals 27, Chargers 24

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-3) no Atlanta Falcons (5-6)
DraftKings Lines: Tampa Bay -11

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may not be in full swing yet, but they have a 68-point winning streak and now face an Atlanta Falcons team they've beaten by 40 points in the last two games.

Double-digit spreads in favor of street teams in divisional matchups may be sketchy, and the Falcons have mastered the art of inflicting pain on players, but nearly our entire gang is poised to hit 11 with the Bucs at this point.

"Cordarrelle Patterson was the biggest surprise of the fantasy football season," Rogers said, "but not much else works for Atlanta. What's even more concerning is that Kyle Pitts has been wiped out in recent weeks. The Bucs' offense is appalling with Rob Gronkowski back on the field and they love scoring points."

Although the Bucs were impressive away from home last year, they have yet to win an away game by more than seven points this season. Beware of the player.

Davenport: Tampa Bay
Gagnon: Tampa Bay
Kenyon: Tampa Bay
O'Donnell: Tampa Bay
Rogers: Tampa Bay
Sobleski: Atlanta
Result prediction: Buccaneers 34, Falcons 17

Washington Football Team (5-6) keine Las Vegas Raiders (6-5)
DraftKings-Linie: Las Vegas -2.5

Both the Washington Football Team and Las Vegas Raiders have had roller-coaster rides in 2021, and the two finished 21st and 20th, respectively, in DVOA (above-average defense-adjusted) at the Football Outsiders. So it's only fitting that the odds makers view their week 13 matchup as an essentially neutral side.

And that our panelists are split down the middle, with Las Vegas scoring 2.5 at home.

Davenport on Washington: “Both teams in this game are delivering massive wins that will bolster their post-season fortunes. But where the Raiders' win in Dallas was the team's first in a month, Washington's win over Seattle was the third in a row. The Raiders also have a crazy tendency to lay an egg this season as confidence in the team begins to grow as Washington rolls over Sin City and makes a deal to keep the pressure on their Dallas rivals.

Kenyon: “Consider me a non-believer on the Washington football team, which is on a three-game winning streak in Las Vegas. Washington is 2-3 going this year, with its only two wins over Carolina and Atlanta. This is a much tougher matchup against a Raiders team still chasing the playoffs. Derek Carr should be able to build a Washington defense that ranks 31st in opposing passer rating (106.4) and has the worst 26 touchdowns in the league.

If you're in Washington you might want to buy up to +3 or see if Darren Waller's stats do that for you over the next few days.

Davenport: Washington
Gagnon: Las Vegas
Kenyon: Las Vegas
O'Donnell: Las Vegas
Rogers: Washington
Sobleski: Washington
Score prediction: Raiders 26, Washington 23

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-9) no Los Angeles Rams (7-4)
Linha DraftKings: Los Angeles -12.5

The Jacksonville Jaguars showed some life mid-season but are now 0-2 straight and against the spread for the past two weeks. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Rams are on a three-game losing streak. But all of those losses were against competitive sides, and most of the gang believe they'll combine it all with a home win over the Jaguars.

Five of the six panelists place 12.5 with Sean McVay's team.

"In matchups this season with teams under .500 points, the Rams are 5-0 with an average win percentage of 16.2 points," Gagnon said. “And this is a Jags team that has lost six games by double digits this season. Los Angeles have the talent and experience to hit back here and I'm looking forward to testifying in front of my home crowd."

The Jaguars lost 13 straight road games nearly two years ago. That doesn't mean they can't cover that range, but the top rams probably won't ignore them in the circumstances.

Davenport: Los Angeles
Gagnon: Los Angeles
Kenyon: Los Angeles
O'Donnell: Los Angeles
Rogers: Los Angeles
Sobleski: Jacksonville
Result prediction: Rams 31, Jaguars 14

Baltimore Ravens (8-3) no Pittsburgh Steelers (5-5-1)
Linha DraftKings: Baltimore -4,5

The Pittsburgh Steelers arguably haven't won in impressive fashion since beating the Buffalo Bills in Week 1, and they've gone just four spreads all year. But they've never finished below .500 in the Ben Roethlisberger era, and their season could be essentially up for grabs on Sunday with 4.5 points in the back pocket against a known opponent who doesn't exactly beat opponents.

Almost the entire team gets those points, betting against AFC North leaders the Baltimore Ravens.

"Last week I took the Steelers straight because for the first time since 2009 there was no way the Bengals could beat them, right?" O'Donnell said. "This once-proud organization that hasn't lost to Cincy in three straight games (since last season) wouldn't see 30 years of history unravel, would it?

"Well, it happened. The Steelers were defeated by Cincy in what felt like an era-defining defeat. Now they come home to face an even fiercer rival in the Ravens. Pittsburgh is not a playoff team. They just have too many holes, but they're going to play this game like it's the Super Bowl. Give me those points and don't be surprised if Pittsburgh also gets a clear win.

Baltimore is just 5-6 against the spread this season and has outscored their opponents by an average of just 2.1 points per game. That looks like a lot of stains on the road.

Davenport: Pittsburgh
Gagnon: Pittsburgh
Kenyon: Pittsburgh
O'Donnell: Pittsburgh
Rogers: Pittsburgh
Sobleski: Baltimore
Result prediction: Ravens 23, Steelers 21

San Francisco 49ers (6-5) keine Seattle Seahawks (3-8)
DraftKings Lines: San Francisco -3.5

The San Francisco 49ers showed plenty of struggle after a poor start while the Seattle Seahawks look like they have nothing left. Seattle has gone 0-3 in a row and against the seed since quarterback Russell Wilson recovered from a finger injury, with the seven-time Pro Bowler posting a 73.2 passer rating in those three starts.

Will they despair here? Or are you resigned? Most of the panel leans toward the latter, with San Francisco placing a field gate and hook on the street.

"Kyle Shanahan went back to basics, which has allowed the 49ers to win their last three games," Sobleski said. “San Francisco's offense works through its running game, so it's no coincidence that the team is currently in the midst of a three-game winning streak, averaging 41.7 carries per contest.

“The Seahawks, meanwhile, are in the bottom 10 in the league in running defense. It's not a good matchup for Seattle, especially with Wilson playing so poorly lately."

Still, the 49ers have been hit hard by the injury bug, and you never know when Wilson might explode. Be careful with this hook in the game.

Davenport: Seattle
Gagnon: Seattle
Kenyon: San Francisco
O'Donnell: San Francisco
Rogers: San Francisco
Sobleski: San Francisco
Result prediction: 49ers 26, Seahawks 21

Denver Broncos (6-5) no Kansas City Chiefs (7-4)
Linha DraftKings: Kansas City -10

The Kansas City Chiefs appear to be back on track, but most of the gang aren't ready to score 10 points as Kansas City host the unpredictable Denver Broncos in a division game Sunday night.

"I know the Broncos aren't a perfect team," Rogers said, "but that's an irreverent line. Denver has beaten the Cowboys and the Chargers by double digits in two of their last three games. They can do enough field to keep it interesting against Kansas City."

The Chiefs still have 20 points or fewer in four of their last five games, while the Broncos have been no more than eight points down the road this season and likely left star Garett Bolles off the bench. COVID-19 list here.

Still, Gagnon and Kenyon are collecting points with a team that has historically beaten them in primetime, averaging 38.3 points per game in the last three post-bye competitions.

Davenport: Denver
Gagnon: Kansas City
Kenyon: Kansas City
O’Donnell: Denver
Rogers: Denver
Sobleski: Denver
Result prediction: Chiefs 30, Broncos 24

New England Patriots (8-4) no Buffalo Bills (7-4)
Linha DraftKings: Büffel -3

We ended the week with another generic three-point line in favor of the home team in one of the most highly anticipated games of the season so far, when the Buffalo Bills missed a field goal for the New England Patriots Monday night in West New York.

The Pats are on fire, but a slim majority of the team scores with a Buffalo team that has been less consistent but lags behind New England in point differential and DVOA.

"Frankly, this is a fight," Gagnon said. “The Bills have fallen twice in the last four weeks and are 0-3 in one-score games this season, but New England are bound to have a blip of their own. Tre'Davious White's injury and Bill Belichick's factor warn me to be cautious. enough not to spend big bucks here, but my gut tells me Buffalo will prevail in a big home game. The Bills are still the best team with the best quarterback.

Regardless, this should be a show.

Davenport: Buffalo
Gagnon: buffalo
Kenyon: With a buffalo
O'Donnell: Neuengland
Rogers: Buffalo
Sobleski: Neuengland
Score prediction: Bills 23, Patriots 17

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The NFL is on its way to Sunday Night Football and still has Monday Night Football to play, but we have some early chances to get you ready for Week 13.
The week begins with a big AFC East matchup in TNF as the Patriots host the Bills. Sunday brings a big NFC East matchup between the Commanders and Falcons and an important AFC matchup between the Chiefs and Bengals. We also have three massive conference matchups. Jets-Vikings, Titans-Eagles, and Dolphins-49ers have teams in strong playoff position.
DraftKings Sportsbook released early lines for week 13 earlier this week. The lines closed at 1 p.m. ET on Sunday and are now reopening for game week. Below we have included the forecast line and the current line once it reopens.
Here is our full list of Week 13 odds from DraftKings Sportsbook. We will update as more odds reopen on Sunday night.

Bills x Patriots
Scoring: Notes -5.5
Total score: 45.5
Moneyline: Bills -230, Patriots +195

November 22
Scoring: Notes -5.5
Total score: 45.5
Moneyline: Bills -230, Patriots +195

Steelers x Falcons
Scoring: Falcons -1.5
Total score: 42
Moneyline: Falcons -125, Steelers +105

November 22
Scoring: Falcons -1.5
Total score: 42
Moneyline: Falcons -120, Steelers +100

Jaguars vs Lions
Distribution of points: Lions -1
Total score: 49
Moneyline: Lions -115, Jaguars -105

November 22
Distribution of points: Lions -1
Total score: 49.5
Moneyline: Lions -115, Jaguars -105

Broncos x Raben
Distribution of points: ravens -7.5
Total score: 40
Moneyline: Ravens -350, Broncos +290

November 22
Scoring: Ravens -6.5
Total score: 41
Moneyline: Ravens -280, Broncos +235

Jets goes Wikinger
Scoring: Vikings -3
Total score: 42
Moneyline: Wikinger -170, Jatos +145

November 22
Scoring: Vikings -3.5
Total score: 41.5
Moneyline: Wikinger -175, Jets +150

Titans vs Eagles
Point distribution: Adler -6.5
Total score: 43.5
Moneyline: Eagles -265, Titans +225

November 22
Point distribution: Adler -6.5
Total score: 45.5
Moneyline: Eagles -295, Titans +245

Browns vs. Texans
Scoring: Browns -7
Total score: 44.5
Moneyline: Browns -315, Texans +260

November 22
Scoring: Brown -5.5
Total score: 44
Moneyline: Browns -230, Texans +195

Commanders vs Giants
Distribution of points: Commanders -1
Total score: 42
Moneyline: Commanders -120, Giants +100

November 22
Distribution of points: Commanders -1
Total score: 42
Moneyline: Commanders -115, Giants -105

Packers vs Bears
Points spread: TBD - Justin Fields injury update pending
Total Score: TBD
Geldlinie: TBD

November 22
Spreading point: Packer -2.5
Total score: 44
Moneyline: Packers -140, Bears +120

Seahawks x Aries
Scoring: Seahawks -4.5
Total score: 42
Moneyline: Seahawks -200, Rams +170

November 22
Scoring: Seahawks -3
Total score: 42.5
Moneyline: Seahawks -155, Rams +135

Delfine x 49er
Scoring: 49ers -4
Total score: 47
Moneyline: 49er -205, Delfine +175

November 22
Scoring: 49ers -4.5
Total score: 46
Moneyline: 49er -205, Delfine +175

Chiefs x Bengal
Scoring: Chiefs -3
Total score: 51
Moneyline: Chiefs -150, Bengal +130

November 22
Scoring: Chiefs -3
Total score: 51
Moneyline: Chiefs -150, Bengal +130

Chargers vs Raiders
Scoring: Carrier -2.5
Total score: 51
Moneyline: Chargers -135, Raiders +115

November 22
Distribution of points: chargers -3
Total score: 48
Moneyline: Chargers -150, Raiders +130

Colts x Cowboys
Scoring: Cowboys -9
Total score: 43.5
Moneyline: Cowboys -410, Colts +330

November 22
Scoring: Cowboys -9
Total score: 44.5
Moneyline: Cowboys -410, Colts +330

Santos x Bucs
Scoring: Bucs -5.5
Total score: 40
Moneyline: Bucs -240, Saints +200

November 22
Scoring: Bucs -6.5
Total score: 42.5
Moneyline: Bucs -285, Saints +240

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